The OptionFlow Protocol

A Foundation on Cardano's eUTxO Model

At the core of OptionFlow lies our advanced protocol, intricately designed to harness the power of Cardano's Extended UTXO (eUTxO) model. This architecture, combined with the capabilities of Cardano smart contracts, paves the way for streamlined option creation, management, and execution, ensuring reliability and user trust.

Option Minting Policy

For every option token minted, our protocol follows a stringent minting policy. This policy is meticulously crafted to guarantee the correct issuance of option tokens. Furthermore, it ensures that the appropriate deposit tokens are locked as collateral, adding a layer of security and trust to the minting process.

Option Redeeming

To ensure that options are executed promptly and within their defined intervals, the OptionFlow protocol utilizes the Option Redeemer. This is a dedicated smart contract address that oversees the flawless execution of options contracts, ensuring participants' rights and obligations are honored.

Decentralizing Traditional Options

OptionFlow isn't just about introducing a new system; it's about emulating the best of the traditional financial world in a decentralized setting. Our protocol replicates the mechanics of both call and put options, but does so in an environment that's trustless and transparent, ensuring participants can operate with confidence.

Price Discovery Mechanism

In the decentralized world of OptionFlow, there are no fixed or dictated prices. Instead, option prices are dynamically determined by free-market trades on the MuesliSwap order book. This approach guarantees that prices are a true reflection of market sentiment and demand, ensuring fairness and efficiency.

Smart Contracts: A Glimpse

For those eager to understand the intricacies of our system, here's an example of interaction with our current beta smart contracts. Dive in to see the with which our contracts operate.

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