OPT Token

Policy Id: 1ddcb9c9de95361565392c5bdff64767492d61a96166cb16094e54be


OPT Tokenomics

OptionFlow Token (OPT) has a total supply of 45 million tokens

  1. 10 million OPT will be claimable exclusively by MILK token holders. If you have MILK tokens, you can claim 1 OPT token for every MILK token you possess. Whether your MILK tokens are staked, in vaults, or used as LP tokens, all of them will count towards your claim. The snapshot for the airdrop will take place on July 26th at 3 pm UTC.

  2. 5 million OPT will be allocated for yield farming incentives. These incentives will reward users who actively participate in the OptionFlow ecosystem and contribute to its growth and liquidity.

  3. 30 million OPT where distributed in the public sale.


OPT (OptionFlow Token) brings you exciting features (please note that currently not all features are available are subject to change)

  • Access to Premium Analytical Features

  • Discounted fees on the OptionFlow platform for option creation and redemption

  • Active participation in community proposals

  • Governing of Option protocol parameters

Airdrop for MILK Holders πŸŽπŸš€

To express our gratitude to the MILK community, we have prepared a special airdrop exclusively for MILK token holders. The airdrop snapshot will be taken on July 26th at 3 pm UTC. For each MILK token you hold, whether it’s staked, in vaults, or utilized as LP tokens, you will be eligible to claim 1 OPT token as a bonus. This means the more MILK tokens you possess, the more OPT tokens you can claim.

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